Family Photo Life is part of a lifelong dream for us. My wife (Stephanie) and I have been wedding photographers in Dallas & Fort Worth Texas for over 15 years and continue to have the honor of capturing the stories of amazing couples as they become new families every year.  Now in creating Family Photo Life we hope to continue helping people by teaching how to capture and remember the big and small moments of life as parent photographers and family historians. 

In this one life we share together there are two things that are most important to us... family, and contributing to the world through photography.

Our goal is to share our knowledge to help parents create images that better capture ... what it felt like the moment your daughter was born, the way your son looks at you when he first learns to crawl, first birthdays, her first pair of dancing shoes, and the moments in between.

This channel is dedicated to creating articles and videos giving advice on photography, video, archiving, printing and editing visual media for parents and families.  

Life is full of beautiful and challenging milestones, and as you raise your family we would love to contribute to remembering those important -- and honestly fleeting -- moments that make us appreciate how lucky we are to be parents, brothers and sisters, and family.


Joseph & Stephanie, Vivien and Nicholas