The second lens I recommend to every family photographer

Everybody gets a lens when they buy their camera but is the zoom that came with it really the best choice for a family photographer? The zoom lens that came with your camera is a great piece of gear but often times it isn't solving the problems we have when trying to capture our families. So the first lens I recommend parents get (especially if they have small children) is a fast prime lens like the Olympus 25mm f1.8 lens. How does this help? It can do two things your zoom lens cannot: 1. It will allow you to shoot in lower light situations like inside your home without needing to use a flash. So imagine you're wanting to take pictures of your baby or toddler just playing around the house without a harsh flash or you're at an indoor birthday party and you don't want to get blurry photos. 2. By using the fast/big aperture (that's the iris of the lens) of a single focal length lens we can make the background of our photos go soft and out of focus which is a powerful tool for cleaning up distractions and making beautiful portraits. Watch the video for more!